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Edinburgh at night

Some time around christmas a friend of mine and I decided that we wanted to go somewhere together, and it didn’t take long for us to decide that we wanted to go to Scotland. We looked at our calendars and found out that the best time to go would be sometime during easter. My friend had been to Edinburgh before and when she was there she fell in love with the place. Me, who had never been to Scotland agreed to go to Edinburgh, and when I think about it now I don’t regret the decision at all.

We found the cheapest tickets available and booked them at once. We were going to stay in Edinburgh from 2nd – 6th of April. I was so excited I didn’t know what to do. We found a cute little bed and breakfast at the edge of whats called the meadows. It is called 2 Fingal Place and it was a relatively nice b&b. As I’ve said before the accommodation isn’t the most important thing for me, but this place was nice and the owner Gillian was very welcoming and her dog, Noodles, was just adorable.

During our stay in Edinburgh we did a lot of different things. On the first day the weather was really bad. I have never seen weather like that in April, and i’m from Norway! It was snowing, the wind was so strong that an umbrella was out of the question and on top of that I managed to leave my awesome pink beenie at home. Well, despite the bad weather we set out on our way in to the city centre. We quickly decided that a day like this should be used for shopping. We went to Princes street which is the best place to go shopping. I found the cutest shoes from miss Selfrige and after drooling at them for some time I decided to by them. I will mention that I bought two more pairs of shoes on the trip and yes I admit that i’m addicted to shoes!

Miss Selfrige, 13-21 Hanover Street, New town, Edinburgh

We also went to this huge bookstore further down Princes street where they had their own little Starbucks on one of the floors. We sat down, had a coffee and while we sat there the weather got nice and the sun came out of it’s cloudy cover. After we were done with our coffee we walked around a bit longer and before we knew it, it was almost time for dinner.

We hurried home to the b&b and we both had a shower before we got dressed and headed out again. We looked for a place my friend had been before called Gordon’s trattoria and we found it very easily. The little italian restaurant is located on high street, or royal mile which is basically in the middle of town. It’s a cute little place with one of the best mushroom pastas i have ever tasted. We went back there again before leaving just to eat that pasta. The servers were very nice and if you like a restaurant with a homely feel to it, this is the place.

The next couple of days we walked a lot around the city. In the old part of town, around royal mile and the castle, you have a lot of small alleyways called closes. Mary King’s close is the most famous one and if you take a walk inside you can go on a ghost walk underneath Edinburgh. It’s a lot of fun and it is definitely something you should try.

One thing you simply have to do when going to Edinburgh is going to the castle. Situated on the top of a hill in the middle of the old town is the Edinburgh castle. The castle itself is huge and there is a lot of different places to visit. For me there was two places that imprinter on my mind. Number one was at the edge of the wall with a view over everything in Edinburgh and number two was the crown jewels.

Edinburgh castle seen from one of the parks.

One of the days we ended up taking a trip to the botanical gardens and i’m not usually very fond of plants, but that garden was spectacular. The diversity in plant life was enormous and they even had a huge greenhouse which contained species from different climates shown in their natural climate. There was everything from tropical rooms with very high humidity to dry cold rooms showing a mountain climate.

On our last day in Edinburgh we went to eat at the mort awesome restaurant ever! Food in Scotland is rather cheap compared to food in Norway, but at this restaurant the prices were about the same as in Norway. The restaurant i’m talking about is called the Witchery. It’s located almost at the start of the royal mile, almost up at the castle gates. The design of the restaurant was rather old fashioned, but at the same time awesome. I ate deer with potatoes and chocolate oil. It was AMAZING! It is definitely the best deer i’ve ever had in my 20 years of life.

A little part of the witchery by the castle

One more thing that happened the day we were leaving was that the whole town was invaded by men in kilts playing the bagpipes. Personally i like some of the tunes they play on the bagpipes and i thing it funny with men in kilts. The men actually look king of handsome with their knee-length hockeysocks and their small “hairy cockbags” as Michael McIntyre so nicely put it. So if I should decide to travel to Scotland again I could definitely come back to Edinburgh. (But I will go to the highlands next time and look at the furry cows!!)

Another thing you have to try is the scottish pure butter shortbread highlanders! IT IS DELICIOUS!!!

Om nom nom =)